Frederikssund Svømmehal Bay ArchFrederikssund swim center is located idyllic in the countryside. The design is simple and sculptural, so the building can stand alone and eventually be part of a the overall Frederikksund sport center. The swim center is broken down by utilizing the sloping terrain. The building thus appears lower and more welcoming at the southern end of the arrival area, whereas the northern facade grows out of the slope and rises elegantly and markedly in the open landscape.
The building is characterized by the large floating roof that originates from the top of the slope to the south and continues in an elongated motion towards the valley. Towards the activity belt and the soccer fields the roof is “folded” and utilizes as an attractive tribune and staircase with perfect sun orientation.

NAME : Frederikssund Svømmehal  LOCATION : Frederikssund, DK   TYPE : Swim Center  SIZE : 3.500 m2  STATUS : Competition win 2017   CLIENT : Frederikssund Kommune   ROLE : Architect   TEAM : Christian Bay – Jørgensen COLLABORATORS : GVL A/S – GPP Arkitekter – MOE A/S – Aqua Teknik