Frederikssund Svømmehal Bay ArchHaiyan Universe Science Park explores the fields of Energy, Science and Innovation.
The journey begins in space and takes you all the way to the modern city, as we know it today. On the journey, visitors can explore different themed areas as for example planet earth, the climate, nature, culture, transportation etc.
The park is designed with three central buildings, which serve as entertainment peaks and central meeting points in the park. All of these areas and buildings are wrapped in a generous landscape with waterways through the entire park.
The design is inspired from the Nordborg Universe park and translated into its additional location in Haiyan. It is designed and created from a Scandinavian design and mindset, securing a sense of Nordborg and Scandinavia in Haiyan.

NAME : Haiyan Universe Science Park  LOCATION : Haiyan, China   TYPE : Science/Amusement park  SIZE : 40.000 m2 building + 5 acre park  STATUS : Ongoing   CLIENT : Wuyuan Subdistrict-Haiyan   ROLE : Architect   TEAM : Christian Bay – Jørgensen COLLABORATORS : CD LINK Aps – Esbensen/Danish Energy Management