Hamburg’s TV tower has been closed for several years now. The existing tower needs a big investment to get up to date. At the moment the only thing that can give that investment a nice return is a small restaurant.
We suggest putting in floors around the existing tower, these can help creating a more interesting shape and generate money for the investors. The new shape of the tower is beautiful and can be a lively landmark of Hamburg. With inspiration from Heinrich Hertz and microwaves we give the building a dynamic façade.

NAME : Heinrich Hertz Turm  LOCATION : Hamburg, DE   TYPE : Hotel  SIZE : 35.000 m2  STATUS : Presented 2011 – On going   CLIENT : Deutsche Funkturm   ROLE : Architect / Initiator   TEAM : Christian Bay – Jørgensen – Anders Bønløkke – Morten Østergaard   COLLABORATORS : Rambøll A/S – Ingenhoven Architects – Hilton Worldwide