Kulturcentrum Ringkøbing Bay ArchThe old administration building of Hotel Vejlefjord is currently being transformed into 23 modern hotel rooms.
The building is located just across the main entrance of the existing hotel, but will offer its own building and by that a more secluded and private stay.
The 23 new rooms will present a stylish, cozy and relaxing ambiance, which Vejlefjord is so well known for.

NAME : Hotel Vejlefjord   LOCATION : Stouby, DK   TYPE : Hotel  SIZE : 1.200 m2  STATUS : Completed 2015   CLIENT : Hotel Vejlefjord   ROLE : Architect   TEAM : Flemming Bay – Jørgensen – Christian Bay – Jørgensen – Ulrik Møller – Karsten Schmidt  COLLABORATORS : Raunstrup A/S – Ingeniørgruppen Vestjylland