JJ01Jack & Jones wished to make a campus, which is a mix between a five star resort and a simple hut. The building is situated on a scenic site on the moors of Jutland. Upon arrival, the building tugs into the landscape with its grass covered roof. The building and the roof later opens up and shows a dynamic roof scape towards south and views of the most scenic landscape. The building as a whole forms a sculptural piece of built landscape, which gives Jack & Jones a unique building for their staff.

The campus building serves as a training facility for the more than 1100 Jack & Jones store managers throughout the world. The campus contains actual sized shops as you will find them in shopping streets – here the managers can test decorations, lightning, odors and sounds…

Besides this the campus also holds 31 hotel rooms, conference rooms and canteen – all decorated in wooden layout with a raw and modern twist.

NAME : Jack & Jones Campus LOCATION : Brande, DK   TYPE : Conference center / education / hotel rooms   SIZE : 5.000 m2  STATUS : Finished 2013   CLIENT : Bestseller A/S   ROLE : Total consultant TEAM : Christian Bay – Jørgensen – Flemming Bay – Jørgensen – Morten Østergaard COLLABORATORS : Ingeniørgruppen Vestjylland – C.C. Contractor A/S