Bay Arch has designed the main building, SeaWest, for Dayz resort in Nymindegab, on the westcoast of Denmark.
The building quickly got its nickname – the Transparent Dune. This, beacause of the building’s landscape form and how its grass roof allows visitors to use the roof for recreative purposes and great views of the local area. SeaWest has a building area of 9.000 m2  and contains sport hall, water world, bowling alley, restaurants, wellness, shops etc.
NAME : Seawest   LOCATION : Nymindegab, DK   TYPE : Resort / Water world  SIZE : 9.000 m2   STATUS : Presented 2011 – On hold   CLIENT : –   ROLE : Architect / Initiator   TEAM : Christian Bay – Jørgensen – Flemming Bay-Jørgensen – Henrik Bay-Jørgensen – Kristian Strøm    COLLABORATORS : Ingeniør’ne A/S – Aqua Teknik A/S – Mt Højgaard A/S