01Søndervig Feriepark is formed by more than 300 houses and a large main building of 16.000 m2 – The main building will contain what is set to be the largest indoor water park in Scandinavia – and other exciting facilities to support the many visitors.

We want the building to rise from its site and form a significant structure that relates to the beautiful landscape. The design is inspired by the area’s characteristic dunes and the roof will be covered with both grass and solar panels. The water park will be decorated with local elements and the large pool will be shaped as Ringkøbing Fjord. By that Søndervig Feriepark will be an elegant and sustainable take on a modern resort wrapped in local statement.

 NAME : Søndervig Feriepark   LOCATION : Søndervig, DK   TYPE : Resort / water world  SIZE : 16.000 m2 + 300 houses STATUS : Start up 2013 – on going   CLIENT : Norddan Aps   ROLE : Architect    TEAM : Christian Bay – Jørgensen – Flemming Bay-Jørgensen – Morten Østergaard – Ulrik Møller   COLLABORATORS : Grue + Kirkgaard – B. V. Kristensen – LINK : www.sondervig-feriepark.dk